Friday, May 27, 2011

Living Without Religion Part 2

It is hard to judge what effect  the Center for Inquiry's billboard advocating living without religion had on our neighborhood, or on the city as a whole.  The billboard came down after a brief month to be replaced by an ad for Stanford's. I assume that some interested people received information from  I also assume that many people, like me, viewed the site to, as it were, scope out "the enemy."

Sometimes it is good to be reminded that what we believe is questioned by well intentioned people who have trouble with putting their faith in a Being that they cannot see or touch.  We remember how hard it was for Thomas to put side his skepticism at the notion of a Risen Christ. 

Each of us has come to faith in our own way and yet each of us has also come through the hand of God.  Sharing what living life with religion means to us is not as scary when we realize that all we are asked to do is to talk about what God has already done for us.  Sometimes when life is giving us lemons, we need to be reassured by our faith community that God is faithful.

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