Monday, March 21, 2011


The latest quilt that had been pieced by the Quilting Group graced the bulletin board in the library for a couple of weeks. The cute little dog faces, each different, have universal appeal. Which is why this quilt, once it has been finished, will be raffled off to provide funds to Lutheran World Relief.

Mt. Carmel has a dedicated group of quilters who turn out quality hand stitched items to meet different needs. As a group they help the church celebrate marriages, new babies, and well as appreciation for a job well done or a life well lived. This group of mostly women also serve as a encouragement to each other.

The group, which meets weekly on Tuesday from 10-2, talk as they work and welcome anyone, whether you are handy with a needle or not. The conversation is free-ranging and up-lifting. It is perfectly alright to just show up with a sandwich. If you want to check and make sure that the group is meeting, you can call Barbara Hemphill.

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